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Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini HDMI to SDI 12G - konwerterBlackmagic Design Teranex Mini HDMI to SDI 12G - konwerter
Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini HDMI to SDI 12G - konwerterBlackmagic Design Teranex Mini HDMI to SDI 12G - konwerter

Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini HDMI to SDI 12G - konwerter

Blackmagic Design

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Numer katalogowy: Teranex Mini HDMI to SDI 12G

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Blackmagic Design
Teranex Mini HDMI to SDI 12G


Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini - HDMI to SDI

The Teranex Mini convert from HDMI to 12G-SDI. Works with all video formats including SD, HD, 6G and 12G-SDI rates and includes an up converter for converting HD to Ultra HD. Embed audio from balanced analog or AES/EBU and timecode input. Ideal for converting HDMI consumer cameras to SDI, or adding SDI outputs to computers with HDMI connections.

Introducing Teranex Mini
Next generation mini converters with better technology and features!

Introducing Teranex Mini, the next generation 12G-SDI converters with award winning Teranex quality and support for all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60! All Teranex Minis include an internal AC power supply, professional XLR analog and AES/EBU audio connections and an ethernet connection for remote management and PoE alternate power! Teranex Mini features a user upgradable front panel that includes a color display and user controls so you can quickly monitor video and change settings right from the front of the converter! You get all of the same great features of regular mini converters and so much more!

Use Anywhere
The world’s most versatile converters!

The all new Teranex Mini converters make building facilities and supporting all different types of video equipment easier than ever before. Teranex Mini is perfect for broadcast installations because they can be rack mounted and the optional front panel lets you see what’s being converted on the screen! They can even be remote managed over ethernet. Their compact size makes them great for portable racks at live events or in broadcast trucks, plus they have professional XLR audio connections for connecting to mixers and other audio gear! You can even use them in editing and color grading suites to drive big screen displays and projectors!

Reinventing the Mini Converter
The first mini converter you don’t have to hide!

Teranex Minis are so small that you can use them like regular mini converters such as hiding them in cable ducts, behind equipment and attached to televisions for monitoring. Teranex Mini’s new flexible design lets you use them on the desktop where you can see them, or rack mount them in larger broadcast systems. Unlike regular mini converters, you get full size professional XLR audio connections built into the converters, plus each converter has an ethernet connection so they can be administered remotely. You get mini switches so you can change settings instantly or, when you’re doing mission critical work, you can add the optional front panel to see exactly what you’re converting.

Rack Mountable
The world's first 12G-SDI rack mount converters!

Card based rack converters are expensive, cannot handle high SDI speeds such as 12G-SDI and you have to buy an entire rack chassis even if you only want to install one converter. Teranex Minis can be rack mounted in combinations of one or more and you can take them out and use them non rack mounted whenever you need! You get built in AC power and ethernet on every converter so there’s no single point of failure. Unlike card based converters, you can walk up and change settings from the front panel, monitor the video going through each converter, and you can also manage them remotely over ethernet! Because they’re so small you can mount them in the front or the rear of an equipment rack or road case.

Advanced 12G-SDI
Blazing fast 12G-SDI for SD, HD and Ultra HD!

Teranex Mini converters feature cutting edge, multi rate 12G-SDI technology that’s 8 times faster than regular HD-SDI. 12G-SDI is multi rate so it will automatically detect and change between all SD, HD and Ultra HD video formats instantly, so you can connect Teranex Mini to all of your existing SD and HD equipment. 12G-SDI supports high frame rate Ultra HD up to 2160p60 on a single BNC cable so you can work in Ultra HD and keep your high frame rate production workflow for fast moving sports and action programming.

Smart Thermal Design
Easily handles 12G-SDI in tough environments!

Teranex Mini features an innovative thermal design with crossflow cooling that keeps them running perfectly, even when rack mounted side by side and in tough environments! An intelligent thermal subsystem and internal heat pipe assist with cooling and keeps the air flowing at all times while minimizing noise. If a Teranex Mini gets too hot, you’ll instantly receive notification through the remote control ethernet utility and on the front panel. When rack mounted side by side, each Teranex Mini works together to pull air through the rack keeping them all cool and providing redundancy for each converter.

Teranex Mini Smart Panel
Monitor video on your converter!

The Teranex Mini Smart Panel takes the guesswork out of using a converter! Now you can see the video going through your converter using the built in LCD screen. The panel also features push buttons and an easy to navigate on-screen menu that lets you quickly adjust and save settings. The Teranex Mini Smart Panel is perfect when you’re out in the field or on set without external monitors, or even when you have multiple converters mounted in equipment racks and just want to see what’s going through them all!

Broadcast Connections
True XLR audio, ethernet and built in IEC AC power connectors

All Teranex Mini converters feature standard, professional broadcast quality connectors, including full size professional XLR audio connections and high speed BNC connections for handling the extremely high bandwidth of cutting edge 12G-SDI technology. All models feature a built in multi volt 90V-240V AC power supply and standard IEC AC power connector so you can use any regular power cable. The built in ethernet connection allows remote administration and can also be used to power the converter when connected to power over ethernet switch.

Digital and Analog Audio
Truly professional quality audio!

The professional XLR connections can be switched between balanced analog or AES/EBU digital audio so you can connect to any professional analog or digital audio equipment. If you’re running pro digital audio gear, you can keep your audio digital the whole way through for perfect digital quality. With professional audio built into every converter, you can connect to pro audio gear like mixers, effects processors, compressors, limiters and more into SDI based video systems. For analog audio, Teranex Mini’s feature an extremely low noise floor of more than -115 dBFS so even analog audio background noise is virtually silent.

Local or Remote Control
Easily control and manage your converters!

Like regular Mini Converters, Teranex Mini features built in mini switches and a printed diagram on the converter so you can quickly and easily change settings. When using the optional Teranex Smart Panel, settings can be changed using the push buttons and simple on screen menus. If you’re in a larger facility using lots of converters, you can manage them over ethernet from a Mac or Windows computer using the included Converter Utility software.

Highest Quality!
Patented Teranex Image Processing

Built using high quality Teranex video processing technology, Teranex Mini is ideal for all broadcast, post production and professional video applications. You get full SDI re-clocking and low jitter so you can use longer cables and because Teranex Mini’s have been designed for 12G-SDI, you get extremely long cable lengths when running at slower SDI speeds such as 6G-SDI, 3G-SDI and HD-SDI. When converting to analog you get extremely low noise because of the high quality 12-bit video processing. When you’re running Ultra HD to analog video Teranex Mini’s will upscale or down convert to analog HD automatically!

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